FARRELL, Pa. (WKBN) – New details are emerging as court documents reveal a text chain between murder suspects about a Farrell shooting last Friday, which officials say was a setup.

According to a criminal complaint, police responded to the 1000 block of Wallis Ave. in Farrell just before 9:15 p.m. Friday.

Police found victim JB Brown with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso. He was taken to Sharon Regional Hospital and pronounced dead just after 9:45 p.m.

When police looked over the scene, they found five bullet casings, a large puddle of blood, shards of metal from suspected bullets, and a bullet hole in the front window of the home, according to a criminal complaint.

Charged suspect Marcedes McKelvey, 24, was found standing near the scene as police investigated. She is the mother of Brown’s child. Police asked her to go down to the station for an interview.

McKelvey said she asked Brown to come to her home earlier Friday night. Later, when she looked out the window, she saw Brown running toward her residence and she let him in. She said Brown told her that he saw three men chasing him, the complaint stated.

McKelvey later said she saw suspect Da’Ryan Allen and another man standing in the yard across the street, according to court documents.

McKelvey said Allen came up to her front door, pounded on it, and told her to let him in because he knew Brown was inside.

McKelvey says she told Brown not to go outside, but he did anyway. As soon as he left, she said she heard gunshots, and a bullet came through the window.

When McKelvey went outside, she says she saw Allen and two other men running from the area.

Police asked for contact information for Allen and the other two suspects, and McKelvey showed the officer her phone.

Court documents say the phone showed a text chain between McKelvey and Allen that included the following:

McKelvey: “Wya (where you at) he is standing out front of my house.”
Allen: “Omw (on my way)”
McKelvey: “Man I’m scared…”
McKelvey: “Come to the backdoor”

McKelvey told officers she joked about killing the victim often, according to the complaint. She said that she believed Allen took the joke too far this time.

Court documents say McKelvey also said she, “…did not think they were going to do this today.”

When police interviewed Allen, Allen said he never was at the scene of the shooting that night. However, as the interview progressed, Allen said he was six feet from the victim when two unidentifiable men shot Brown, according to the complaint.

Allen said he only went to McKelvey’s house to help her with a situation between her and Brown, the complaint said.

Allen told police he was scared and threw his clothing in a dumpster down the street after the shooting. Police recovered Allen and another suspect’s clothes in the dumpster, court documents say.

Allen is currently in the Mercer County Jail and faces six charges for Brown’s death, including a murder charge.

McKelvey is also in the Mercer County Jail and faces four charges for Brown’s death, also including murder. She faces an additional charge of endangering children, because her child, whom she shares with Brown, was in her home during the shooting, according to court documents.

Both McKelvey and Allen are due in court Monday for their preliminary hearings.

First News reached out to District Attorney Pete Acker for updates on the investigation, and he said no new suspects have been arrested.