CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Farmers are always watching the weather and keeping a close eye on the forecast. Cold temperatures are expected over the next three nights and that’s gotten their attention.

Anytime temperatures slide in the 20s when blooms are out or about to open, farmers are concerned.

White House Fruit Farm has covered its strawberries with fabric, hoping to keep some heat around the plants close to the ground. It also has a big fan on the property located near the berries and fruit trees. That helps to circulate the cold air.

“Cold air tends to settle, so it will settle to the ground. The fans will try to draw air from a little higher elevation and mix it in with ground level, hopefully raising the temperature a degree or two,” said farmer Dave Hull.

Hull has talked to other berry farmers who will use water to protect the plants. He says there should be nothing that’s planted that can be bothered by frosty temperatures. Any early sweet corn or onions in the ground is OK.

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