KINSMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Kinsman man and woman are facing charges after a report that they were dunking a child underwater as punishment.

Trumbull County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home on Mayburn Barclay Road early Wednesday morning after a report that a teenager was being physically abused at the home.

According to a report, a woman called 911 saying her daughter had received messages from the victim on SnapChat that read Dennis and Erica Williams were pushing her head underwater in the bathtub.

Deputies said Dennis Williams answered the door and admitted that he had been disciplining the girl but said he had just been “talking to her and correcting her behavior.”

Deputies then went into the house to check on the welfare of those inside the home and said they found Erica Williams covered in water.

Erica and Dennis told investigators that a counselor told them to place the girl in cold water in the bathtub to “calm her down.” They denied pushing her head underwater but said her hair was wet because they poured water on her head and said she would go underwater when she started “fighting and kicking” at them.

Investigators said the girl was visibly upset and was crying. They said both children who were in the home at the time had bruises on their arms that they said were from being restrained by Dennis and Erica Williams.

Deputies then arrested the two on charges of domestic violence and felony child endangering.

The woman who reported the incident came to take custody of the children during the investigation, and Children Services was contacted.

The suspects are set to appear in court Thursday morning for their arraignments.