FARMINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Emergency responders saved a family dog from icy waters in Farmington Township. Fire Chief Jon Bland said it’s something they run into quite frequently.

Firefighters from Farmington Township and Middlefield were sent to a private pond far off Old State Road Thursday afternoon after a family found their golden retriever named Snoopy struggling in a frozen pond.

When firefighters arrived, they found the dog in the water about 150 feet from the shore. Middlefield Fire Lt. Aric Anderson donned a water rescue suit and was tied to a rope when he went out on the ice to get Snoopy.

“The ice wasn’t that thick, which is why the dog did fall through it,” Bland said. “The dog was in good health when we pulled him out, obviously, very cold, but we were able to get the dog in the house. She bundled the dog up with numerous blankets and it was happy to be home.”

Bland says the dog was out of the water just 16 minutes after crews were dispatched. Bland said it’s not a call they get every day, but they run into it a lot.

“We’ve pulled horses out of ponds before. Animals get mischievous. They don’t realize the ice isn’t part of the yard. We’re happy this had a happy ending,” Bland said.