YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Last week, we learned that Lordstown Motors was teaming with Camping World and its owner Marcus Lemonis. If there were any doubts about what kind of partner Lemonis would be, a Minnesota woman with strong ties to Warren says, “don’t worry.”

Shawn Brundidge was born and raised in Warren, his father, Willie Brundidge, worked at the General Motors Lordstown plant for 32 years. Willie raised a family of five on his salary.

The family spokesperson is Sheletta Brundidge, Willie’s daughter-in-law and Shawn’s wife. She is also the mother of four children, three diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

“We’ve tried to travel with our children, and it is very difficult,” Sheletta said.

In steps Marcus Lemonis, who last week was in Lordstown where his company, Camping World, announced a joint venture with Lordstown Motors.

In June, Lemonis went to social media wanting to give away a pop-up camper to a deserving family. Sheletta Brundidge contacted Lemonis who, in return, asked why her family deserved it.

“I was like that’s perfect for us. A popup camper. Are you kidding me? This would like solve all my problems,’ Sheletta said. “And I said, honey, I’m fabulous, my husband is fabulous, my children are fabulous. Give me that damn camper.”

What Lemonis offered the Brundidges was much more, including an endorsement deal that was done through a Zoom call.

“I’ll give you a motorhome to use. I’ll give you a stipend, so you can have the gas and the necessary things that are available, and I’ll give you a fee to be talent.” Lemonis said.

Three months after the call with Lemonis, the Brundidges pulled into a Camping World Store and drove away in a new $100,000 motorhome. Whenever using it, they post videos to encourage other family’s with autism to travel by RV – and they love it.

“Thank you, Lord, for blessing our family,” Sheletta said. “I just hope people in Warren, Ohio and the surrounding areas realize that when he comes, he is not just coming to that Lordstown plant to create a new product. You are going to see some businesses that are touched by him. You are going to see some lives that are changed.”

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