Family tree shows local residents who were aboard the Titanic when it sank

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Did you know there were Youngstown residents aboard the Titanic when it went down? We have put together a family tree showing those from this area who survived, and those who didn’t make it.

On April 10, 1912, the Titanic set sail for the first time. Among the 2,223 passengers traveling from Southampton, England, to New York, around a dozen were from the Youngstown area.

George Dennick Wick was the president of Youngstown Sheet and Tube. He was a prominent man in the area.

With his health declining, his family suggested they take a trip. So they headed to Europe.

With him was his wife Mary “Mollie” Wick, his daughter Mary Nathalie and Mary Nathalie’s cousin Caroline Bonnell. Caroline’s aunt Elizabeth would return with them from England on the Titanic as well.

“It really impacted locally. All the newspapers featured it for weeks on end, all these different stories,” said Traci Manning, curator of education at the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center in Youngstown.

Thursday, the center held its monthly Bites and Bits of History event, where Manning explained the local connection to the Titanic.

The Wick family was not the only local family that traveled on the Titanic.

Shaanineh Abi-Saab, also known as Jenny George, traveled with her three male cousins. One of her cousins had a niece traveling with them, her name was Banora.

Of the roughly dozen local residents on board of the Titanic, only six survived.

George Dennick Wick was not one of them.

When the boat began to sink, women and children were offered spots in the lifeboats first. This means many of the men on board did not make it back.

“As the people came home, as they kind of had a moment to decompress and kind of look back at everything that happened, I do think we started to get a more true picture of what really happened that night,” Manning said.

The Titanic was known as a marvelous ship. It was said to be unsinkable, and since that was the thought, there weren’t enough lifeboats on board.

In fact, for the 2,223 passengers on board, there were only 16 lifeboats. In total, 706 people survived.

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