WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – It was a beautiful morning Friday for cleaning up at Clover Recycling on North River Road and multiple businesses came out to help.

Lordstown Energy and Ultium Cells partnered with United Way for the cleanup. Other volunteers worked on different projects around Trumbull County.

“We’ve got four here and pretty much about five at every other. It’s almost like 16 to 20 people,” said Derek Spangler, formation engineer at Ultium Cells.

At Clover Recycling, volunteers removed bottles and other recycled products from the property.

“I saw the need and Jenny and I spoke and that’s what sort of created this dead for today,” said Christine Cope, a spokesperson for United Way.

Crews also removed overgrown plants from the side of the road, something that will reduce traffic problems outside Clover Recycling.

“It’s very difficult to pull out or pull in with the speed that’s on the street, so having that cleared out is going to be a huge safety benefit,” said Clover Recycling CEO Jenny Smith.

Clover Recycling is also a veteran-operated organization. Some volunteers who helped Friday were veterans, making their work more special to them.

“As a veteran myself, I thought it was important to come out and support the community and support these types of organizations,” said veteran John Brinich.

Recycled products will be handled at Clover Recycling, and the plants from the side of the road will be taken to a landfill.

United Way looks to have more cleaning days in the future.