YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The family of Malcolm Myers spoke out Saturday night at a candlelight vigil on Youngstown’s East Side in front of the area where his body was found.

Myers had been missing since April 10. Last weekend, he was found murdered. His body had been dumped in a trash can on the East Side.

More than 100 people met on North Loveless Avenue holding candles and saying prayers for Malcolm Myers.

“He always had a joke, a story. Like, if you was around him, you either really mad or you were going to laugh really hard, like no in-between,” said Myer’s older sister Tiffany Black.

His family said they’re devastated to learn what happened to Malcolm.

“I felt like his soul couldn’t rest until we found him so when we have his service and put him properly in the ground the way he is supposed to be, his soul can go,” said Malcolm’s mother Stephanie Myers.

“They threw him in the back of an abandoned house in a trash can and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand that, and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive that,” Black said. “My brother went missing on April 10 on my niece Brianna’s birthday, and he was missing for 104 days. They found his body on July 23, my birthday, and we got a positive identifier from the coroner’s office on July 28, my father’s birthday.”

During the vigil, local artist Ron Moore, Jr., presented the family with a portrait of Malcolm.

“I just want to help everyone who helped us look — all the prayers and everything — but now I want justice for him,” Stephanie said.

The family says they are still waiting from a report from the coroner to tell them how long Malcolm was deceased before he was discovered.