Family of Liberty murder victim speaks out

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The death of a Liberty woman once ruled accidental, then a homicide has many neighbors in Liberty angry.

Family and friends of that woman, Lorraine Lynn, spoke to  Liberty Township Trustees Monday night.

They are urging trustees to remove Interim Chief Toby Meloro for mishandling her investigation.

27 First News Reporter Dan Marcel was at that meeting.

On August 2 2017, 60-year-old Lorraine Lynn was found face down in a pond on her mother’s property.

A tractor on top of her body.

“She had no water in her lungs, she had no broken bones, she had no bruises below the neck,” said Diane Pullin, Lynn’s sister.

The initial report filed by the Trumbull County Coroner ruled the death accidental.

But before his death in April of this year, Trumbull County Coroner Humphrey Germaniuk changed his ruling officially on February 23, 2018, saying she died at the hands of another.

Lynn’s sister Diane Pullin says her sister was killed.

She thinks she knows who did it but wouldn’t say who.

She also told me she has surveillance footage from the house that caught video of a car driving recklessly through the property the day before Lynn’s body was found.

An internal police report found Meloro did not review that video, or collect evidence from Lynn’s vehicle.

The family says he told them he did.

“Any reasonable person upon reading the findings of the internal investigation would not make Toby Meloro police chief,” Diane said.

What followed was public comment.

People speaking both in support of and against Chief Meloro.

Many angry at the Trustees for appointing Meloro chief.

“You allowed this to happen. You knew Chief Tisone was retiring. You had plenty of time to do your investigation instead of dragging this man through the mud.”

“It is very unfair to criticize openly a police chief who can not respond.”

“Why hasn’t Toby Meloro been disciplined?”

“My sympathies to the family but this man does an outstanding job for liberty township.”

Despite not being able to speak about the investigation, Meloro did make a comment during the meeting.

“I do feel bad about the whole situation and my department will do everything to make sure justice is served,” he said.

Liberty Township Trustees also said they can’t comment because of the ongoing investigation.

Much to the frustration of many in the crowd.

“There’s a number of things we can’t say and police officers can’t say that eventually will be said,” said trustee Arnold Clebone.

“And since August 2 they’ve been hiding behind that, they can’t comment because it’s under investigation. We had to hire our own private investigator,” Diane said.

When I asked Diane about what she’d like to see done, she told me she wants Meloro removed from his position as interim chief.

The case is now being investigated by another liberty detective as well as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

The family hopes there could be an indictment by the end of the month.

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