GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Family members of a Trumbull County sheriff’s deputy who passed away last week are sharing memories of him as they prepare to celebrate his life.

“When he walks through the door, everybody’s face lights up,” said his sister, Rochelle Dykes.

Deputy Anthony Diehl, Sr. is being remembered for his bright smile, fun-loving personality and willingness to help everyone.

“Anytime he came into the room, it’s like everything lit up, like life of the party. You couldn’t wait for him to be there,” said his brother, Archie Diehl, Jr.

Deputy Diehl passed away suddenly last week at the age of 54. It was a devastating loss for a man loved by so many.

“I’m just gonna miss his smile, his face, you know? This is hard, really hard,” Dykes said.

His family describes him as a workaholic, both at his trucking company and at the sheriff’s office, where he worked alongside Dykes.

“It was an honor, you know, actually being able to work with your brother like that side by side,” Dykes said.

Deputy Diehl, a Marine veteran, received several awards during his lifetime. His brother says he received high honors from the state for his work as a police officer and also his actions during Operation Desert Storm.

“There was a Humvee that blew up after hitting an IED and he left the safety of his guys to go over and help them take the wounded out and bring them to safety. My brother was always like that,” Archie said.

His brothers and sisters at the sheriff’s office also remember him for his ability to make people laugh, saying he left behind big shoes to fill.

His siblings say they’re taking it day by day to get through the pain of his loss.

“I’m gonna miss him. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without him, you know? He’s my best friend,” Dykes said.

Anthony Diehl, Sr. Obituary

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