YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The family of a man who was killed on the South Side of Youngstown said they will never be the same after this tragic loss.

Daniel Peek, also known as “Danny,” was shot and killed Sunday at his Florida Ave. home. His girlfriend, Mary Morgan, said it never should have happened.

“I can’t imagine a better person, I can’t,” said Mary.

Mary said they were home when her ex-husband John Morgan was on his way to pick up the daughter they share. But, he was advised not to come to the house and that he wasn’t welcome there.

“We told her, ‘he can’t come to this house,’” Mary said.

So their daughter walked down the street so he could pick her up there instead. But Mary said that didn’t happen. She said John came to the house and before you know it they heard a gunshot.

Peek’s son ran outside to his dad.

“I came out, they were on the ground. By the time I got from the door to the steps, they ran, Daniel and Danny ran to the back and John stood right at the back of the car shooting,” Mary said.

Mary thanks God that Daniel wasn’t hit. 

“I just heard go, cause I was helping my dad, cause the dude was like double his size. He said, ‘go,’ so I started going and dad started coming too, and the gunshots started coming” Daniel said.

Peek was shot one time in the heart. John Morgan, 45 of Campbell, has been charged with one count of murder.

Mary said Peek was the sweetest, kindest man, and he didn’t deserve this.

“He really was, honest to God, one of the best people I’ve ever known in my life,” she said.

She said he was a very active father and was always doing things with his three kids.

“He would always wanna do stuff with us, like cookouts and stuff like that. We would always go to his house and do fun stuff. He loved like Texas Hold’em and stuff. And he would listen to like, it was music, but it wasn’t good music. So I’d always laugh at his music” Daniel laughingly said.

Daniel said he and his dad had a great relationship and he’s going to miss him very much.

Peek’s family is currently taking donations to help pay for his funeral cost and to help his children. Anyone who may be interested in donating can email