WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — Earlier this month, police discovered the body of 32-year-old Desirae Boss.

She was found in the woods near Choctaw Avenue SW with a gunshot wound to the head.

Sunday night, friends and family gathered to mourn her death and celebrate her life as they try to make sense of the tragedy.

Family said Boss was a firecracker, known for speaking her mind with a beautiful smile and a big heart.

“Every time she saw me, she was like, ‘Hey Aunt Pat, what’s going on? Hey Aunt Pat, what you doing? Hey Aunt Pat, I like your outfit.’ Won’t hear those words again,” said Boss’s Aunt Patricia Gillian.

“We were actually just holding out hope that we would find her, that she was out messing around and didn’t want to be bothered with us,” said Boss’s aunt Alesia Code.

Family said Boss was missing for nearly a week before her body was discovered.

“My daughter had decomposed and so she wasn’t very recognizable and she has a daughter, a 12-year-old daughter. How do I explain that to my granddaughter? How do I explain the conditions they found her in?” said Boss’s mother Denise Code.

Code cried as she explained her pain as she had to identify her daughter’s remains.

“I saw this side of her face. That was all I saw that I could physically touch and I just keep seeing that image,” Denise Code said.

Her family said they are haunted and angry but most of all they want to see her killer in jail.

“I want to see them shackled. I want to see them go to the parole board because when they do, they are going to see this face,” Alesia Code said.

They said they won’t rest until they have the justice Boss deserves.

Anyone with information related to the crime and ongoing investigation is encouraged to call Warren police.