Family dog put down after attacking child in Boardman

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A large dog bit a 6-year-old boy’s face Saturday night at a house on the corner of Arlene Avenue and Southern Boulevard in Boardman.

The dog was seen just a few weeks ago at an event at Boardman High School.

“This dog had, I will easily say, a couple of hundred kids through the course of the morning around him. He was just a star. He never acted aggressively. He loved the attention,” said Mahoning County Dog Warden Dianne Fry.

According to a police report, the dog attacked the child in the kitchen, near the dog’s food bowl.

A humane agent with Animal Charity Humane Society was sent to the house saying the child’s father shot the animal once after it bit the boy.

The father said he was afraid the animal would attack or kill his other kids, according to a police report.

The dog was apparently still alive and walking around in the backyard of the house, badly bleeding, when the agent arrived.

“He was wounded pretty severely, however, he did not attempt to bite my agent when she picked him up,” said Animal Charity Board President Mary Louk.

Although the dog was taken to Animal Charity for treatment, it had to be euthanized Saturday night because of its injuries.

Fry says the dog had been adopted last Wednesday from the Mahoning County Dog Pound after being neutered, just days before the incident.

Although Fry says the family did not indicate they had any other pets on the pound’s adoption forms, the humane agent on the scene Saturday says she was told there was another dog in the house.

“I’m getting a lot of conflicting information, so in the end, we’ll look into all of that,” Fry said.

The boy’s mother said the child is back home after being treated first at Akron Children’s Hospital in Boardman, then at the main campus in Akron.

“Most dog bites, there’s always a lot of conflicting information, so it’ll be difficult but we will go through the process,” Louk said.

In the end, they hope to learn more about what happened at the house.

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