COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) — Break out the shades and the swimsuit: Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of pool season. With Monday’s temperatures nearing 90 degrees, many families were enjoying the weather at Firestone Pool in Columbiana.

“The crowds have been busy, they’ve been good,” said Firestone Pool manager Nick Baylor. “A lot of people are coming to the pool this year.”

On Monday alone, Firestone Pool had about 400 people come out for a swim. This season, there’s an upgrade for people who don’t want to sit in the sun.

“We’ve added shade structures, so that way they can protect themselves from the sun and everything,” Baylor said.

But for the kids, they’ll spend most of their time in the pool.

“I like that there are a bunch of people I can hang out with, and all my friends are out here,” said Christian Pasquale, pool enthusiast.

Firestone Pool has different ways you can play in the pool.

“I go on the slide and jump in the pool,” said Maxius Martinez, another pool enthusiast.

Pool patron Josiah Rios: “The worst part about it is, you get kind of stuck on it.”
First News Reporter Jacob Thompson: “At what part on the slide?”
Rios: “On that whole part. I got stuck on it.”

While some like the slide, others take to the diving board — whether you want to do a simple jump off of it or maybe get a little more creative.

Thompson: “What tricks do you guys do?”
Pool patron Laila Wiery: “Front flips, dives.”
Pool patron Brianna Fiorenca: “Toe touches.”

Anyone can purchase a day pass.

The pool parties have already been booked up for the year, just a little faster than last year.

“At this time last year, Monday we’ve had everything sold out. Saturday is when we sold out of everything, last year. It just moved everything up,” said Baylor. “It’s just a joy to have knowing you’re going to be busy all summer long though.”

The pool is open noon till 7 p.m. daily. Adult swim runs from 11 a.m. till noon.