YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Wednesday is World Press Freedom Day, and a special event was held to honor journalists who lost their lives last year.

The Youngstown Press Club was at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The group was there to read the names of 67 journalists and media workers from around the world who were killed last year in relation to their profession.

The number of journalists killed rose to 67 from 45 in 2021.

Some were killed in the line of duty, including some who were covering the war in Ukraine.

This is the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day.

Below are the names of the journalists who died in 2022:


  • Hasibur Rahman Rubel
    Journalist found dead in a river
  • Mohiuddin Sarker Nayeem
    Newspaper reporter shot covering drug trafficking


  • Dom Phillips
    Freelance journalist found dead by gunshots
  • Givanildo Oliveira
    Community website journalist attacked and killed

Central African Republic

  • Jean Saint-Clair Maka Gbossokotto
    News director reportedly poisoned


  • Evariste Djailoramdji
    Shot and killed while reporting violence
  • Narcisse Orédjé
    Radio reporter shot while covering protests


  • Francisca Sandoval
    Died from gunshot wounds covering a protest


  • Rafael Emiro Moreno Garavito
    Local news outlet director shot by motorcyclists
  • Wilder Alfredo Córdoba
    Online news director shot and killed by motorcyclists


  • Gerardo Delgado Olmedo
    Reporter attacked and killed by gunfire


  • Orlando Villanueva
    News website owner and reporter attacked and killed by gunfire


  • Francklin Tamar
    Attacked and killed by gunfire
  • Frantzsen Charles
    Attacked and killed by gunfire
  • John Wesley Amady
    Shot and killed while reporting gang activity
  • Maximilien Lazard
    Journalist covering protest killed by Haitian National Police gunfire
  • Romelson Vilcin
    Journalist killed by police-fired tear gas canister
  • Tayson Lartigue
    Shot by attackers while reporting gang violence
  • Wilguens Louis-Saint
    Shot and killed while reporting gang activity
  • Edwin Josue Andino
    Kidnapped and killed


  • Ricardo Alcides Ávila
    Camera operator and news show host shot and killed


  • Rohit Biswal
    Newspaper reporter killed by an improvised explosive device
  • Subhash Kumar Mahto
    Cable news station reporter shot in the head

Israel (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

  • Shireen Abu Akleh
    Journalist shot in the head, reportedly by Israeli Defense Forces


  • Muratkhan Bazarbayev
    TV camera crew driver shot and killed on assignment


  • Arshad Sharif
    Shot at a roadblock


  • Alfonso Margarito Martínez Esquivel
    Photographer shot at his residence
  • Antonio de la Cruz
    Journalist shot near his home
  • Armando Linares López
    Shot in his home by attackers
  • Fredid Román Román
    Newspaper columnist attacked and killed
  • Heber López Vásquez
    News website founder, journalist, shot and killed
  • José Luis Gamboa Arenas
    News website publisher and founder stabbed to death
  • Juan Arjón López
    Social media news founder found dead with head trauma
  • Juan Carlos Muñiz
    Local news website reporter shot and killed
  • Luis Enrique Ramírez
    Political columnist found dead with head wounds
  • Maria Guadalupe Lourdes Maldonado López
    Television reporter and anchor shot dead in her car
  • Roberto Toledo Barrera
    Camera operator and video editor shot and killed
  • Sheila Johana García Olivera
    Journalist attacked and shot by a number of assailants
  • Yessenia Mollinedo Falconi
    Journalist attacked and shot by a number of assailants


  • Aye Kyaw
    Arrested by military, died in custody
  • Pu Tuidim
    Media group founder and editor abducted and executed


  • Humberto Coronel
    Radio reporter assassinated by motorcyclist gunman


  • Federico Gempesaw
    Attacked and murdered at his home
  • Jhannah Villegas
    Radio and internet reporter shot and killed at her home
  • Percival Mabasa
    Radio commentator gunned down by motorcyclists
  • Renato Blanco
    Radio reporter stabbed to death


  • Mohamed Isse Hassan
    Reporter and producer killed while covering bomb blasts
  • Ahmed Mohamed Shukur
    TV journalist killed by a roadside bomb


  • Essam Abdullah
    Killed during Turkish airstrikes


  • Güngör Arslan
    Online news editor attacked and shot in his office

United States

  • Jeff German
    Political corruption reporter stabbed outside his Las Vegas home


  • Saber al-Haidari (Saber al-Janani)
    Reporter killed by car bomb


  • Brent Renaud
    Documentary filmmaker shot at a checkpoint
  • Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff
    Cameraman killed during shelling of an evacuation
  • Ihor Hudenko
    Photojournalist killed while covering Russian invasion
  • Maks Levin
    Photojournalist found shot and killed, possibly executed
  • Mantas Kvedaravičius
    Documentary filmmaker found shot and killed
  • Oksana Baulina
    Journalist killed during shelling of Ukraine’s capital city
  • Oksana Haidar
    Journalist and blogger killed by artillery fire
  • Oleksandra Kuvshynova
    Journalist and producer killed by mortar fire
  • Pierre Zakrzewski
    Camera operator killed by mortar fire
  • Roman Nezhyborets
    Video technician found dead with hands tied, and shot in the knees
  • Viktor Dedov
    Camera operator killed by Russian shelling
  • Vira Hyrych
    Journalist killed by Russian shelling
  • Yevhenii Bal
  • Journalist, 78, died after severe beating in his home by Russian forces
  • Yevhenii Sakun
    Camera operator killed by Russian shelling
  • Zoreslav Zamoysky
    Freelance journalist found dead in the street