Fair food vendors relieved, appreciate returning to a more normal summer at Trumbull County Fair

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(WKBN) – This time last year, county fairs were canceled or on their way to be. One year later, people are out and about like it’s 2019. Food vendors are especially excited after a slow 2020.

The Trumbull County Fair has a different look one year later. People are allowed to attend this year, and as at any open fair, you have food vendors feeding people.

But last year, the vendors didn’t have their normal summer.

For some, it has been one of their slowest years.

“I’ve never had summer off where I didn’t work, so it’s really rare and we had time off. It was just different. It was very boring really,” said Richard Mullen, a food vendor at the fair.

“A lot of people didn’t come around. We did the drive-thrus. Not a lot of interactions with a lot of people last year,” said Kimberly Kaczmark, another food vendor.

Many vendors attempted the drive-thru option. They needed to continue making money, and without a doubt, it had a different feel.

“They couldn’t get out of their cars. They’re just staring, couldn’t get out and look at what we’ve got,” said Rodney Meaney, a food vendor.

Even though 2020 is long behind us, last year gave food vendors a new appreciation for things like the Trumbull County Fair.

“You meet more people and they’re coming out. People want to get out now ’cause they’ve been stuck in their house,” said food vendor Wayne Baker.

“You know what it is to do fairs 45 years and then all of a sudden, nothing,” said another food vendor John Vlahos. “And then come back again, of course we’re excited.”

And while they’re all happy to be out again, so are the people.

“About everything down the line that I like, I eat about anything that they got when I get hungry,” said Pete November who attended the fair Wednesday.

The weather has also been perfect for the Trumbull County Fair, but fair officials say it hasn’t slowed them down. They’re already preparing for Thursday.

Crews were getting ready for the drag racing event.

Fair Board President Bud Rodgers says everyone has been happy with how things have gone, even more so for the fact they get to have a full fair.

“Just happy seeing the people. The kids are here, the animals are here, the vendors are here. It’s like a fair family. We’re all here. We’re all enjoying it, especially with this beautiful sunshine,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers says they’ve been getting calls about people coming down to race for their auto race Thursday night.

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