CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Many concessionaires at the Canfield Fair are finishing up their best year since COVID. But they’re looking at a potential new problem — most of them are close to retirement and there’s no one to take over.

Tony Provenzale is in his 37th year of grilling sandwiches and selling french fries. You’ll find him at the Fair just past the Grandstand not far from the first aid station.

Provenzale is in his mid-60s. His kids are not part of the business. Who will take over?

“A lot of us are 60, 65 or older. I talked with a lot of the guys. We all kind of have the same idea. Who’s going to take over for us? There aren’t a lot of 40-year-old operators out here anymore. We were those guys,” said Provenzale.

Provenzale also said — not at Canfield but at smaller fairs — the clientele is getting older and that raises at least a little bit of concern.