Extra food, extra drinks, extra pounds: Tips to avoid holiday overindulging

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Did you know one cocktail can have as many calories as a donut?

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – When you think about the holidays, parties and food probably come to mind and with all of the opportunities to indulge, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Extra food and extra drinks probably lead to extra pounds.

“That time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is really difficult for people,” said Laura Zavadil, a registered dietician. “My best advice is really just keep yourself balanced and keep yourself in check.”

She said there are plenty of ways to avoid overindulging.

“Just taking a minute to look at your options first and see what we have, and do an internal dialogue with yourself as to what the best option would be.”

She recommends picking up the veggies first and filling up on that. Avoid any dishes with heavy cream, cheese, oil and anything that’s fried.

It’s also important to have a normal breakfast and lunch — don’t save up for a big meal.

“It tends to backfire on people, then you overindulge,” Zavadil said.

Alcohol can be another problem because it’s packed with more calories.

“If you think of that cocktail as a donut, you’re drinking a donut every time you go for that cocktail,” Zavadil said. “You probably wouldn’t eat more than one donut at a time.”

She recommends drinking spritzers and limiting mixers, as well as drinking water in between drinks.

Even though you’re trying to avoid the added pounds, it’s important to enjoy yourself, too.

“Just because it’s a holiday party doesn’t mean you need to sit there and go crazy,” Zavadil said. “Pick the items that you’ve been looking forward to the most. Have a little bit of that and move on. It doesn’t need to be an all-out feast.”

To prevent even more holiday weight gain, she said it’s important to get your exercise in.

“This time of year, if you go off your routine, it’s ten times more difficult to get back onto it in January. A little bit of something is always, always better than nothing so try to stay active.”

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