Exterminators prepare for rising cases of ants in homes

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Since weather in Ohio is warming up, exterminating professionals are already getting calls about insects in homes. 

Matt Lloyd, exterminating superviser with GRACE Services, said most calls are about ant problems.

“The extremely small ants that come in large clusters,” Lloyd said.

In order to prevent bugs from coming into homes and getting to the food, fill any cracks with silicone caulk. 

Lloyd said to not leave food lying around. He said using ant bait is one of the best ways to solve the problem.

“Most of the bait matrixes and sprays are more for them bringing it back to the colony, which will wipe out the whole colony and destroy your problem for good,” Lloyd said. 

Otherwise, Lloyd said the ants will just produce more workers and come right back into the home.

After placing bait, Ciera Woge from Cornersburg said the more ants you see, the better.

“That’s a good thing because that means that they found it and they’re taking it back,” Woge said.

Woge initially tried to use home remedies, but she said they did not seem to work.

“But then again, there’s a lot of things on the internet that don’t seem to be very truthful.”

The next insects that the Valley can expect to see are carpenter bees that bore into wood siding and decks.

You can use insecticide, but do not forget to call the professionals if there is a serious problem.

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