NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – A New Castle neighborhood was rocked by an explosion on Tuesday while a contractor was working on a house. FBI and ATF investigators have looked at the rubble, but no cause has been determined yet. On Wednesday, we walked through the neighborhood and found out it has been shaken.

The rubble of the flattened house and garage is scattered along Pollock Avenue. Rhonda Smith was at home across the street when the explosion happened at 10:30 a.m.

“It sounds like the neighborhood that just blew right up, everything was blowing up,” Smith said.

Someone in the neighborhood caught the smoke on video right after the explosion. An excavator had been removing debris from the house and garage, which had been demolished on Monday.

Investigators say the explosion was not caused by natural gas — that line was closed.

Thirty-five houses in the neighborhood have damage, including Joe Roane’s.

“From this one, now I have two windows that have blown out and I live on the next street,” Roane said.

Roane said there was another explosion in the same block last summer, and that one did $3,000 worth of damage to his house. He wants police to make sure vacant homes are boarded up.

“They’re not coming out. They’re not checking them. They’re not boarding them back up or making whoever owns them board them up. So that’s leaving them open for everybody to put any kind of stuff in it,” Roane said.

In the rubble were cinder blocks stuffed with newspapers, presumably to stop some cold drafts. One of the newspapers inside was a Sons of Italy Times from 1962 and another was a Youngstown Vindicator from July 8, 1962.

Two explosions in under a year concerns Roane. Most of the damage this time was just broken windows.

“It could be bigger than this, and the next time, it could be more people to get hurt,” Roane said.

The explosion moved a few things in Smith’s house, where she has lived for 30 years. It also left a mark as she thinks about the future.

“It makes you scared. It makes you want to just jump up and leave and move,” Smith said.

The excavator operator was hurt, but his boss did say that he’s OK.

New Castle police have taken over 35 reports of damage to nearby residences, mostly broken windows and cracked foundations.

The police department will release more information about the blast when it becomes available.

Michael Reiner and Chelsea Simeon contributed to this report.