BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – As the weather gets colder, our natural instinct is the bundle up, however, specialists say you should be cautious of how you’re dressing your child.

“One of the biggest mistakes that we see with parents and car seats is they put the big, heavy, thick coats that normally you would use for outside style of play,” said Bill McMahon, Akron Children’s Hospital’s injury prevention coordinator.

McMahon said the thick, puffy material creates too much wiggle room when a child is strapped into the car seat.

It may look like the child is safely strapped in, when in reality, the harness isn’t as tight against the child’s body as it should be.

“If I can pinch any material on that harness, I have to snug it up. We like to tell our parents that we educate on car seats, that you want it to be a nice, snug hug,” McMahon said.

He said there are safer alternatives for keeping your child warm.

“What we try to encourage parents to do is to get the fleece jackets that are nice and thin that can lay nice on the shoulders and across the chest, because that will give you almost like you were wearing a regular-style shirt or sweatshirt,” he said.

You can also lay the winter coat over your child.

Watch the video above to see how the car seat should fit.