YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s that time of year again when people make their New Year’s resolutions. They usually involve eating healthier or setting various fitness goals.

First News talked to a registered dietitian about how to keep these goals all year round.

Setting goals each new year is something many people do. The big question is, will these New Year’s resolutions last longer than the first few weeks of the year though?

Laura Zavadil, a registered dietician and co-owner of Megabarre Youngstown, suggests starting slow and not removing things from your diet immediately.

“Make them small and achievable, and realistic,” she said. “I think we see better success in clients that have new habits built upon, opposed to taking things away and starting a whole new life.”

Zavadil said no matter what types of goals you have set for this new year, make sure they are SMART goals.

“SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time sensitive,” Zavadil said.

Zavadil also suggests having meals prepped and healthy snacks on hand just to make these goals a little more attainable.

“Keep it simple,” she said. “So if you’re going to follow a meal plan, talk to a registered dietician, talk to somebody that can help guide you into navigating that.”

She believes a good way to keep yourself on track for 2022 is having a person to achieve goals with.

“Find a buddy, find an accountability person that will help keep you accountable, that will help keep you motivated. If you do it together with a friend or a sister or whoever, you’re more likely to stick with it,” Zavadil said.

Zavadil suggests learning about healthy balance within your food intake rather than trying fad diets.

“Those diets are just not teaching you those things and that’s why I steer away from them,” she said.

Zavdil said that healthy eating and setting plans don’t just happen over night. Setting realistic goals should make for a positive start to your 2022.