BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Talk of the storm this coming Sunday has put some people in a frenzy. They want to be stocked up and prepared to ride out whatever conditions come. We checked out a local grocery store to see if shoppers are already out.

The check-out area at Rulli Bros. in Boardman had a steady line of people Friday evening. Grocery stores can be busy places in the days leading up to a winter storm.

“The foot traffic always picks up when there’s a big snow. This one’s a little bit different because even though it’s going into mid-January, this is the first big one. So it’s a little bit more intense than usual,” said Mike Rulli.

The worst of the storm is expected Sunday night, but Rulli Bros. is not open on Sundays, so people will have to purchase their needed items early.

“Tomorrow [Saturday] will be a madhouse. Usually, January’s a pretty slow month, but tomorrow will be more like a Christmas Day. Everyone will be here for the essentials, whether it’s water, bread and eggs, and milk, ground beef — the staples,” Rulli said.

Even after the snow ends on Monday, the storm will still affect product deliveries and stores’ supply shelves.

“Already, just because of the pandemic, there’s been problems will the supply train as it is. So we’ve had over a dozen emails today from companies saying, ‘Don’t expect a truck on Monday. We’re gonna push it back to either Tuesday or Wednesday.’ Most of those are either coming from the west coast and a lot of them are coming from the east coast,” Rulli said.

Rulli expects we’ll see some shortages at all area stores on Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday the trucks should be rolling again.