CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – When you think of a hero, you may think of Spiderman or Batman. But oftentimes, there are heroes in your life you see on an everyday basis without realizing it. On Tuesday, some of those local heroes were recognized by the American Red Cross of Greater Akron and the Mahoning Valley.

By definition, a hero is one who shows great courage. It’s a title 15-year-old Baron Reynolds wears proudly.

“I did save my friend’s life and I’m glad that he’s still OK and it feels so great to just save a life,” Reynolds said.

The Hubbard High School student was in class reviewing for a science test when his friend began choking. He stepped in and began stomach thrusts, which helped his friend to start breathing again.

“I would want my actions to allow people to do the right thing. You do the right thing, make the right choice, no matter what the cost is,” Reynolds said.

The American Red Cross of Greater Akron and the Mahoning Valley honored Reynolds along with seven other local individuals on Tuesday with the Annual Acts of Courage Award. All to honor their bravery and acts of heroism during times of emergency.

We’re told it’s a pretty difficult process to select these heroes, but each of them have a couple of things in common.

“What we look for in a hero is someone who really was just acting as a normal individual. We have first responders in our community who are heroes every day to us, but these are average individuals that really don’t think about themselves,” said Rachel D’Attoma with the American Red Cross.

D’Attoma says they get nominations all year long for heroes.

Four Giant Eagle employees were also honored for helping Alexandra Lucas. The little girl went into cardiac arrest while she and her mom were shopping. She is here today because of their quick thinking.

“It was amazing. I’m very grateful. They had the right training. We were there. If I had been at home, she may not be here,” said Lori Lucas, Alexandra’s mother.

Three Classic Optical Laboratories employees were also recognized for helping a coworker who had collapsed.