Evening storms bring tree down onto Niles woman’s home

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NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – The Valley was dealing with storm damage Wednesday afternoon due to the heavy rain, hail and wind some areas got Tuesday.

In Niles, fallen trees and downed power lines blocked streets like Wyoming Avenue and Fourth Street — one of the hardest-hit areas.

The storm took many in the neighborhood by surprise, including one woman who lives on Park Avenue. At noon, we talked to her about what she saw, felt and heard, but 20 minutes later, there was a big change in the situation. Like the sun popped out after the storm.

A large tree was blown over in Tuesday’s storms. It landed on Natalie Halko’s home.

She lined up an electrician and tree cutting service to help, but West Park Road was being paved Wednesday, which blocked the street.

“So, it’s very frustrating that I did everything I could to get this taken care of as soon as possible. I’m missing a day’s work, and I’m still stuck. Can I give you some good news? Hopefully the cavalry,” Halko said.

It was Andy’s Tree Service. The road had been opened so they could get through.

“We’ve had over 30 storm calls since six o’clock last night. This being one of the most severe so far,” said Andy Jennings.

Halko couldn’t check some areas of the house for damage until the tree was removed. She was just happy that help had finally arrived.

“You’re a blessing. You’re a blessing,” she said. “So, a good thing out of something bad today. Yeah, hopefully and then I’ll be able to get my electrician back out here hopefully this afternoon and get some power.”

The city expected to turn power back on around 5 or 6 p.m..

There was plenty of other damage, including another tree blown over down the street and many small branches, which needed to be picked up in yards all around the city from the latest storm.

“It’s hit different quadrants of Trumbull County almost every storm we’ve had since Father’s Day,” Jennings said.

Halko will remember Tuesday’s storm. While working from home, she saw sheets of rain, and heard the wind. She thought she should go outside and take down a flag.

“And I opened the front door and there was my tree,” she said. When asked if she was scared, she added, “I was very scared because I was 10, 15 feet away from it. I was blessed. I do think I had a guardian angel watching me.”

If the wind had been blowing a different direction, the story could’ve had a different ending. Some small frustrations were better than losing her life, and the street also got paved.

The National Weather Service does not have any plans to survey the damage.

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