BEAVER TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – It’s a problem that has been plaguing animal shelters all around the area.

“We don’t usually see this kind of a wave until later in the year, usually hitting the end of June, first of July,” said Diane Less with Angels for Animals.

But Less says Angels for Animals has been seeing a steady increase in surrendered cats and kittens since March — 426 last month alone.

Ironically, this increase in surrendered cats and kittens comes at a time when donations to Angels for Animals have been falling off.

“People are… can’t send us their $25 or $50 because they gotta put it in the gas tank. We understand that. In the meantime, our problem’s getting worse,” Less said.

Right now, Angels for Animals houses about 400 cats at its facility in Beaver Township, with another 300-400 in foster care. But with dozens more coming in each day — and many of them sick — workers are forced to decide which will ultimately be euthanized.

“I would say it’s probably like a 60/40 thing. We get a lot of feral cats — so feral cats aren’t adoptable. But we truly try to give everybody the best shot that we can,” said Aynnalise Moore with Angels for Animals.

Directors say the best solution would be to have these cats fostered or adopted, but short of that is for owners to have their animals neutered, even offering to spay adults and their kittens.

“You can come out here and buy vouchers. You can get the whole litter fixed for less than you’d pay to have one cat fixed at a private vet,” Less said.

In the meantime, Angels for Animals workers fear the problem will only get worse.