(WKBN) – October is Sudden Infant Death Awareness Month and unsafe sleeping situations can be a cause of SIDS.

According to Akron Children’s Hospital, three babies die each week due to unsafe sleep situations in the state of Ohio.

The hospital tries to take action by teaching parents and caregivers the ABC’s of safe sleep.

The A stands for alone.

The B stands for on their back.

And the C stands for an empty crib.

According to the injury prevention supervisor Heather Trnka at Akron Children’s Hospital, it’s important anyone taking care of a baby knows the sleep ABC’s.

“The Safe Sleep Academy also goes through other important things like vaccination and breastfeeding and other things that can reduce the risk of SIDS — pacifiers, making sure the room is not too hot — many different things that can lead to a SIDS-related death,” Trnka said.

The Safe Sleep Academy can be accessed at any point on their website and it only takes about 30 minutes to go through.