Engineers back out making repairs on Mahoning Avenue bridge

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Youngstown's Deputy Director of Public Works Charles Shasho said the city has set up detours

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Engineers were back out Wednesday, working to repair the Mahoning Avenue bridge after Monday’s incident when a vehicle and flatbed truck collided, sending a coil from the flatbed into the bridge.

Ohio Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Ray Marsch said repairs will be in two parts.

A short-term effort is set to reopen one lane northbound and southbound, as soon as it’s deemed secure.

A long-term project will be necessary to reopen all lanes north and southbound.

Youngstown’s Deputy Director of Public Works Charles Shasho said the city has set up detours.

“I think the first day, there were some complaints. It’s more specific, I think, to the 680 detour was a little bit confusing for the first few days, but I think everybody is getting used to it now,” he said.

The following are closed:

  • I-680 SB Belle Vista ramp
  • I-680 NB at the Glenwood Avenue Exit
  • Route 711 exit for I-680 SB
  • Oakwood Ave. on-ramp to I-680
  • Mahoning Avenue bridge

“We will be putting up some more permanent signage and advanced warning signs going forward. There shouldn’t be any detours going through the neighborhoods at all, but if there are any complaints in regard to the traffic. They should call the Department of Public Works,” Shasho said.

As for the drivers of the car and flatbed truck, both are doing OK.

The driver of the car is being charged with failure to control and driving under a suspended license.

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