AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A neglected dog and five ferrets are safe after being rescued by an Animal Charity humane agent Thursday.

“Someone left them there intentionally. Tyson is extremely underweight. He is starved, almost to death,” said Jane MacMurchy, operations director at Animal Charity.

Tyson weighed only 46 pounds. He was found in an abandoned Austintown apartment, collapsed in a bathroom, unable to stand, according to an Animal Charity Facebook post.

“This wasn’t just a situation where maybe somebody left their animal with somebody else to take care of, you know it was very clear that they were intentionally abandoned and left to starve,” MacMurchy said.

MacMurchy says Tyson was cached with urine and feces, because he couldn’t stand up to use the bathroom. She said the ferrets were dehydrated and lethargic.

“It took a village to save Tyson and five ferrets seemingly left to die in an apartment yesterday,” the post stated.

Animal Charity did not have a vet on staff yesterday so they called Friends Of Fido MCDP and Tyson was rushed to a local vet clinic for emergency care.

Tyson was given lifesaving fluids and started on small meals to slowly reintroduce his body to food. He was also given a bath to remove the caked-on feces and urine.

The ferrets were given lifesaving fluids and a slow introduction to food as well.

MacMurchy says they will be pressing criminal charges against the owner, which may include animal cruelty and prohibitions concerning animals.

“The first step is the probable cause hearing, then the next step is to pursue criminal charges,” she said.

Both Tyson and the ferrets are doing well and in the care of Animal Charity.