(WKBN) – The Mahoning County weather alert system is up and running after some concerns that it may fail.

Mahoning County Emergency Management Agency runs tests every week to make sure sirens are functioning properly at noon on Saturdays and a silent test on Monday mornings. Last week, they noticed some issues.

“And during both of those tests, we had failures of both software and equipment,” said Mahoning County EMA Director Andy Frost.

We followed up with Frost, and he says the sirens are working properly.

“As of right now the sirens are up and running, they tested fine both on Saturday and on Monday,” Frost said.

He also explained that they are going to be moving the main branch of the alerting system into the Austintown Police and Fire Dispatch Center.

“We have fiber over there that has redundancy in it and it’s manned 24-hours a day so there’s a lot of benefits to it, and I will feel a lot better about the system once we’re over in that facility,” Frost said.

He said the process will begin Monday and he is hoping it will be done around the first of the new year.