ELLSWORTH TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – An Ellsworth Township man already facing trial for neglecting a herd of goats on his farm could soon be in even more trouble.

Agents with Animal Charity seized two young goats over the weekend. They’re only a couple of months old. Agents were called to a farm on Route 224 Saturday by sheriff’s deputies after they found close to 150 goats on Robert Stare’s property. One animal was caught in an electrified fence and others were in deplorable shape.

“The conditions that they were being kept in, the lack of necessary and proper veterinary care, without wholesome food, and then one being negligently killed in the fence,” said Jane MacMurchy, with Animal Charity of Ohio.

Agents say another goat was in such poor shape it had to be euthanized.

Stare was charged back in May with animal cruelty and allowing his goats to roam into neighboring properties. A goat got entangled in an electric fence, then, too.

He’s set for trial later this month.