Electric safety tips for the coming winter season

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Winter Safety Awareness Week is to remind communities to be better prepared for winter

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Sunday is the start to Winter Safety Awareness Week to remind communities to be better prepared for winter.

An important step is being careful with heating elements.

Manager Steve Grappy of the Ace Hardware store in Columbiana gave advice for the cold holiday season.

He says they have been fairly busy since the holidays are around the corner, and people are anxious to get their Christmas decor.

“Well, they’re starting to decorate outside when the weather is nice this time of the year. Thanksgiving is looming, they start to think about getting outside, so on a good day like this, they’re putting lights outside and buying extension cords and things like that,” said Grappy.

He says a common mistake people make is over plugging an outlet while they are decorating their homes.

“Anytime there’s an overload or a short circuit or something, you need to make sure you inspect stuff and make sure your wires are in good shape and good condition. Again, keep extension cords to a minimum and don’t overload the circuits,” Grappy said.

Boardman firefighter Captain Will Ferrando also offered tips for a safe and warm winter.

“So we start to see people using space heaters in their houses. The big thing with space heaters is you need to make sure they are clear of combustibles. We generally tell people three feet in all directions to make sure that it doesn’t accidentally catch anything on fire,” said Ferrando.

Ferrando says they push for UL listed devices, that way people have the safety standards that meet the requirement for the U.S.

He also says to make sure the space heater has anti-tip features.

“So if they would fall over in the house, it would prevent them from running when they’re falling over and catching carpets on fire and those sorts of things,” Ferrando said.

The last piece of advice that Ferrando has to everyone in order to have a warm and safe holiday is to make sure you do not leave your heating elements unattended.

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