YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A major rise in electric prices started Thursday across Ohio.

The price was determined months ago, but there is something that customers can do about it.

“A mindful customer can find probably some better rates out there,” said Matt Schilling, who works in public affairs for PUCO.

The standard service offer has gone up. It’s the default rate people pay who don’t pick their supplier.

For instance, Ohio Edison’s has risen from 6 cents per kilowatt hour to over 12 cents.

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, you can pick a supplier for the electric supplier portion of your bill.

“Retail suppliers are often far more responsive to changing market conditions, and yet currently, if you check out, there are a lot of options that are currently cheaper than the default option from your local utility,” Schilling said.

The new default rates last through May 31 next year.

Customers will have to make some choices: Do they want a fixed rate or a variable? How long do they want the rate to last?

“We have a page on there, and it’s titled: What to ask Suppliers? And these are great questions that consumers should be thinking about before signing up for any service or retail competitive supplier,” Schilling said.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General is already telling people to be aware of people going door to door, trying to pressure them into quick decisions about energy prices.

To find a list of electric suppliers and compare rates, go to or