BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Route 224 is a common place for people to show off their classic cars. Tuesday, there was a special vehicle on the road with some modern features.

James McGinley is 69 years old and rides an e-bike. He’s comfortable with the odd-looking vehicle, even though he knows it may look strange to cars and trucks on the road.

“There’s probably not a town I enter in where after a while I don’t see a sheriff going this way or a police car going this way. Someone’s put in a call; they never stop me,” McGinley said.

McGinley and his attention-getting eco ride was passing through the area Tuesday. He has another three months on his trip from Maine to Michigan.

Ohio is the 36th state he’s pedaled through on his 11,000 miles journey. Michigan will be state number 37.

“My call this last year has been to try to take this vehicle through most of the states, which will be about 46,” McGinley said.

He averages seven miles an hour and goes at least 30 miles per day. His bike has seven 100-watt panels on the back, which provide 75% of the power, and he provides the rest.

The eco-friendly biker has been arrested protesting a pipeline in North Dakota, is against fossil fuels, and there are various causes he promotes, too.

McGinley worked for years in high tech and uses it on his e-bike to plot his path for a group called Start Loving. He says we understand pleasure and happiness and believes people focus too much on taking care of themselves and just being safe.

“We’re walking dead people. Our souls are dead,” McGinley said. “If you want joy, forget that. Find someone who is suffering and devote your whole life to that, and then find the next one. That’s where the joy is, and that is my life.”

McGinley got an MBA at Syracuse in 1977.