NILES, Ohio (WKBN) — Following the latest incident involving disruptive juveniles, Eastwood Mall Security Officers will be enforcing a long-standing clothing rule.

Cafaro Company Spokesman Joe Bell said “don’t be surprised” if security officers ask you to remove hats and hoods while in the mall.

This comes after two teenagers were arrested over the weekend. Mall officials say security officers had asked them to leave, but they refused to do so.

Since Feb., First News has reported on four incidents involving disruptive juveniles at the mall.

Bell said the mall is working with its legal department and Niles Police to make sure those involved are prosecuted.

“Whenever juveniles come in here and want to engage in disruptive behavior it’s illegal and we’re not gonna stand for it,” said Bell.

Bell said since Feb., 10 teenagers have been permanently banned from the property as a result of the disruptive incidents.