YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Eastern Gateway Community College will receive $914,000 in federal funding for electric vehicle technology training.

The money was included in a comprehensive government funding package passed by Congress and was part of $19 million in directed spending for projects in the 13th District. It will pay for the installation of equipment and technology for training at the college.

“This funding is going to go a long way to help produce the new EV-trained people in our population,” said Art Daly, Eastern Gateway Senior Vice President.

The money will help people get trained and dialed into the new industry, which is already going to be taking over our area and even has a name — Voltage Valley. It will help students who seek this field, because of its newness, but also those looking for something new. The average age of an Eastern Gateway student is 33 years old, and this could be their first time attending college.

“This is a game changer. We were all talking about them. We know that this is going to be the industry of the future. And you know, the Mahoning Valley is right on the cutting edge of that,” Daly said.

Eastern Gateway is developing this training to help prepare workers for the EV industry. It wants to develop a training facility for electronics involved with electric vehicles and charging stations and more training for vehicle technicians. It’s also keeping an eye as Voltage Valley grows and looking to see what could be next.

“Maybe there’s a company that comes to the area that says, ‘Hey, can you modify your training to meet our needs?’ And that’s what we’re going to be planning on doing is that customized training as well,” Daly said

Eastern Gateway wants to be in the heart of Voltage Valley. It’s looking for a place to put the equipment and technology that will be used for teaching.

Daly said the college has already been working with leaders at Ultium Cells and expects to be working with Foxconn in 2023.