EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – A person who has visited East Palestine over four times wants residents to learn what is really in the water, soil and on surfaces.

Scott Smith is the chief sustainability officer for Eco Integrated Technologies. He was impacted by a 2006 New York flood in which the water was contaminated.

He has a passion now to test for things so people are aware of the situation they might be in.

Smith tested Sulphur Run Creek Bed twice in February. He has cataloged the chemicals he’s found, but says no matter what the test results are, there is no need to panic.

“Once you know what is in the creek bank, what is in the soil, what is in the water, what is in the air, you can then solve the problem. These residents can go to their medical doctors and get proper treatment,” Smith said.

Smith suggests taking precautions, though, such as drinking bottled water and if you’re having medical symptoms, to try and temporarily relocate.