EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) -Test results have come back on a calf that died shortly after the train derailment in East Palestine.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture found that lab tests show that a calf that died on Feb. 11 showed no outward evidence of chemical irritation or exposure, according to an update by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

“Although a specific cause of death could not be identified, there is nothing to support chemical toxicity as a cause of death,” the update said.

The cattle farmer said through an Ohio agricultural news outlet that the calf died of smoke inhalation.

Several other animals have been tested, too, following the derailment and none have come back as having a cause of death related to the derailment and vent of vinyl chloride.

There is no information to suggest that pets are not safe outside, but if you believe your domestic animal has been sickened as a result of the train derailment, please contact your local veterinarian.