EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN)- Officials do say the air quality in East Palestine is fine, but some people are still worried.

We talked to multiple people from East Palestine. No matter what officials are saying, people are hesitant to come back home. This is also affecting some people just outside of town too.

One person we talked to is Glenn Fulton. He grew up in East Palestine and now lives in Columbiana.

He’s been working in a house in Unity Township, just a few miles from the derailment. Whenever he’s at this house, he notices he starts to feel a bit different when stepping outside.

“I can start feeling something in my throat and I have COPD and just health issues in general. I’m diabetic, I’ve got a pacemaker and I live in Columbiana, but I’m from East Palestine. I can notice a major, major difference in my breathing when I get down here,” said Fulton.

Fulton says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to return yet. With some of his health issues, he thinks there’s more to be discovered with the situation.

Greg Maschar raises some of his grandchildren. When the derailment happened, they all evacuated to West Virginia to stay with some relatives. A week later, he says he still questions coming home.

“My concern isn’t with me. It’s about my granddaughters. And I just don’t think they could say it’s going to stop a mile away or a half mile or I think they should evacuate and a lot more around it a lot sooner and then work back down,” Maschar said.

Mascher said he and his family are planning to return Friday, but he stills has reservations about it.

His grandchildren are handling the situation very well. Mascher says they’ve been treating the evacuation like a vacation. The grandkids are ready to check on their pets they left at home.