DALRINGTON, Pa. (WKBN) — First News has had crews out since Friday covering the East Palestine train derailment. On Monday, evacuation orders were announced for areas in Pennsylvania as well by Gov. Josh Shapiro.

Lync Repair trucking company sits on the corner of state Route 51 and Little Beaver Road.

Owner Jason Blinkewicz and his wife didn’t expect to be on the edge of the evacuation zone.

“We drove into East Palestine, and it looked like it was something out of a movie. There was fire trucks and police, and it was pretty unreal scene in town,” Blinkewicz said.

He said this has had an impact on his business and his workers. One of his customers got lost trying to find the repair shop from all of the detours, and some of his workers live inside the evacuation zone.

“Some people haven’t been able to get here today,” Blinkwicz said. “One of the employees was one of the ones that was evacuated. He’s up in the Boardman area.”

Another group affected by this is Northern Borders Kennels, which is a little over a mil outside the derailment. They were boarding evacuated animals until the evacuation zone expanded, and dog owners had to come pick up their dogs.

Bearded Brothers Moving Company in Boardman helped move more dogs to safe areas. Nine horses were also transported out of the area.

Caitlyn Schwarzwaelder with Northern Borders says the horses did not want to leave.

“The horses were a wreck. The horses were running around the pasture. They were very upset. They were extremely disturbed by the sounds and the smells,” Schwarzwaelder said. “It took much longer than we anticipated because they definitely knew something was going on.”

Schwarzwaelder is thankful for the help she’s received with all of her animals.

“We are extremely thankful for Bearded Brothers Moving Company, who came in the middle of the night and put these dog cages in their moving truck,” Schwarzwaelder said. “Otherwise, we would have never gotten them here in a timely manner.”