EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio EPA shared pictures on Twitter of the pumps they are using to oxygenate the water of Leslie Run.

This is one waterway where thousands of fish were found to be dead following the train derailment.

EPA officials said the pumps are on the banks of Leslie Run and are being used to force oxygen into the water.

“This is a proven technique to improving the quality of the water downstream,” the agency wrote.

Earlier this week, Ohio EPA said gave an update on their waterway cleanup efforts.

Leslie Run has continued to improve. Recent sampling showed “very low” levels of two contaminants: butyl acrylate and ethyl hexyl acrylate. Tests from North Fork Little Beaver Creek show much lower levels of ethyl hexyl acrylate and no traces of butyl acrylate. 

Surface water cleanup is ongoing on a section of Sulphur Run near the derailment site. It is dammed to the east and west to prevent contamination of other water bodies Clean creek water at the eastern end continues to be funneled away from the contaminated area and then released back into the run at the western dam.

No vinyl chloride has been detected in any of these waterways, Ohio EPA said.