(WKBN) — The Ohio attorney general has been very adamant that Norfolk Southern will pay for every aspect of the East Palestine train derailment cleanup. Wednesday, he got the railroad to agree and go a step further.

Norfolk Southern is under an EPA order to clean up the accident site and around it. Ohio’s attorney general Dave Yost has gotten the railroad to agree to use Ohio companies for all aspects of the cleanup.

Yost says Ohio didn’t ask for the train derailment, but since the work has to be done, it might as well benefit Ohioans.

“Since the accident did happen, I am excited that it is Ohio, his businesses, and businesses right here in the Valley that are going to benefit from the money that has to be spent on the cleanup and remediation from this act,” Yost said.

The agreement does not impact the attorney general’s lawsuit against Norfolk Southern. He says that involves issues that are longer term and include environmental damages which won’t even be added up for a couple of years.