DARLINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Mother of three Ashley Bennett of Darlington has been upset ever since that Norfolk-Southern train derailed early last month in East Palestine.

“We’re 38 days out and the transparency of what’s actually happening. We’re not getting answers,” Bennett said.

Bennett was one of about 60 people attending a hearing by Pennsylvania State Representatives in Darlington Tuesday just five miles from the train wreck scene in Ohio. Organizers say their goal is to learn more about the response in the hours and days after February 3.

“How can we ensure that we have the right boots on the ground immediately,” said State Rep. Robert Matzie.

Rachel Meyers, a member of Mom’s Clean Air Force, was at the hearing. She still has fears of dioxin contamination because of the controlled burn that sent smoke and other debris into Beaver County.

“Dioxins are particularly toxic to children. They can be founding breast milk as well. They can cause developmental problems,” she said.

Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Director Richard Negrin said his office is focused on the long-term.

“We’re going to continue to monitor these private wells. We’re setting up monitoring wells as well to go well into the future, and there’s no plan to stop that,” he said.

However, Bennett doesn’t seem convinced.

“We’re gonna be here for decades, so I want to be sure of the safety of my children,” Bennett said.