EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – Monday night, before a council meeting in East Palestine, members of the Unity Council for EP Train Derailment had the chance to speak.

Multiple people got up to speak. One woman asked the council to join their researcher roundtable via Zoom on the 16th featuring independent scientists.

They expressed frustrations, concerns and various fears they have since the derailment.
Some concerns involve health safety, air testing and distrust with the EPA and railroad.

“One thing we can all find common ground is we wish that we all had a time machine and we could go and stop that train and have our life back,” said a member of the Unity Council for EP Train Derailment.

Mayor Trent Conaway told the group that he understands some people around East Palestine are still getting sick and that the people in the federal government who can give them answers have been dropping the ball.

Conaway also said they’re working to find better ways to communicate with residents and have hired a firm to help develop the local economy.