Ohio (WKBN) – A local water company released more information on its response to the East Palestine train derailment on Thursday.

Aqua Ohio, in a press release, stated that the company does not serve the immediately affected area in East Palestine, but it is taking steps to protect their water.

“We’re seeing nothing different than our water quality prior to the train derailment and it’s what we expected because our systems were not impacted. In fact, our watershed is a separate watershed than the watershed involved in the East Palestine location,” said Jennifer Johnson, Aqua Ohio area manager.

Aqua Ohio says the water from the derailment is not connected to its source of water, but the company is still ramping up testing, especially for chemicals involved in the derailment like vinyl chloride.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have increased our testing for the chemicals involved in the train derailment and as expected to date, those tests have come back non-detect,” Johnson said.

Aqua Ohio says it is in constant contact with officials from the Ohio EPA, U.S. EPA and Pennsylvania DEP.

Aqua Ohio, and other local water companies, will continue to provide updates as needed.