EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – Lindsay’s Pine Hill Jersey Farm is one of the largest in Columbiana County. There are nearly 900 animals, and Scott Lindsay has plenty of concerns about the train derailment that led to a fire and chemical situation.

“Field contamination, livestock, groundwater, those would be the three biggest concerns, and you know, we can’t leave, so hopefully we won’t be in a situation where that happens,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay was concerned Sunday night when he heard and felt that the seriousness of the situation changed.

“Went from yesterday saying: no detection of any leaks or groundwater contamination, to last night: eminent catastrophe,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay has heard nothing specifically related to agriculture, and he feels it should be addressed.

“If agriculture, land and livestock are not at risk, and how we would be notified if they were,” he said.

There’s no way that Lindsay could move close to 1,000 animals at a moment’s notice. They’re less than 5 miles away from the derailment and outside of the evacuation zone. He’s just waiting for some good news.

“You know, we trust they know what they’re doing and going to control the situation,” he said.

The director of the Columbiana County Farm Bureau said his number-one concern is how this could affect the groundwater, and he’s hoping to hear something soon from either the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).