YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The Mahoning Valley Sanitary District announced Friday that Oho EPA said the Meander water source was not impacted by the East Palestine train derailment.

Ohio EPA said that there is “no reason to believe MVSD’s source water was or will be impacted” by the derailment.

Engineer Michael NcNinch explained that the Meander Reservoir is about 20 miles northwest of the accident and is a separate watershed from the East Palestine region. He said the East Palestine watershed runs south through Leslue Run to the Ohio River and that the Meander Creek watershed runs north to the Mahoning River.

The watersheds are separated by several other watersheds.

McNinch also said that during the initial burnoff of the vinyl chloride from the derailment, winds were blowing to the east away from the Meander Reservoir.

“As a precautionary measure, MVSD increased the dosage of activated carbon. Activated carbon is a normal component of the MVSD water treatment process and is also a primary treatment technique that would be sued if needed for volatile organic compounds,” he wrote.

Water samples directly from the Meander Reservoir and treated water have been sent for testing as a precautionary measure.

McNinch said testing will continue as needed.