EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) — A member of the group known as East Palestine Justice claims state EPA officials overseeing the cleanup there don’t know what they’re doing.

Bob Bowcock, who’s described as a “water expert” with the group, told reporters this afternoon that the process of spraying creek water from Leslie Run and other waterways only serves to send contaminants into the air — something he claims will only make matters worse and not properly clean the creeks.

“I would say the remediation response from the state and the federal government has been less than expected and less than standard. You know, I don’t know how he’s vacuuming it off, because the aeration — I can see the water right there,” Bowcock said.

Wednesday, Ohio EPA Director Ann Vogel told First News the process of aerating the water speeds up the process of breaking down the toxic compounds that may still be in the water.
The material can then be vacuumed away from the creek for disposal.