EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) — Business has been tough in East Palestine since the train derailment, but a success story is ready to emerge.

Doyle’s went from the selling block to nearly the chopping block. But with a few changes — it’s ready to give you the next supply of hamburgers, filets and pork chops for the grill.

Ken Feltrop is slicing up the bacon at Doyle’s Fresh Meat & Deli. He and his brother Ernie bought the market and took over around July 4. Terry Rankin cuts the meat they buy from around Ohio and Pennsylvania.

I think it’s been helping,” Rankin said. “I mean, meat looks great. It’s all been, I would classify it as a choice or higher grade. So it’s been very good.

Customers are noticing it, too. Rankin ran a popular meat market in Columbiana, and now he’s helping at Doyle’s and his main job is cutting up the meat. The team atmosphere is working on the cutting board and is noticeable inside and outside the cases.

That’s the best part about Doyle’s: anybody can get meat and anybody can have a roof over it, but the people in here is what really makes the difference,” Feltrop said.

Doyle’s has the popular steak and beef cuts. It’s keeping the same tone, but also adding breakfast sausages and links to change things.

“We put in a smoker, now we have an in-house smoker,” Rankin said. “So we’re doing a lot of smoked items. We do ham, bacon, sausage, snack sticks, and we’re just going to continue to add things in.”

Doyle’s will cut the meat to your liking, however you ask. The future will hold more of the same — choice cuts and prime service.

“People eventually will come back to EP, and I don’t know where they’re going to get that type of freshness with that type of attitude when they walk in the door,” Feltrop said.

Doyle’s is right along Taggart Street, which remains closed. The new owners are just like the other businesses along the street: running out of patience while waiting for it to reopen.