EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – The city of East Liverpool is deeply rooted in tradition. Every six years, a big celebration takes place in the city, welcoming back alumni for an all-class reunion.

How the tradition started is just as unique as the event itself.

The clock tower is a staple in downtown East Liverpool. Anywhere you go in the city, look up and you’ll find it along the skyline.

It was built to represent the original high school that had been torn down and to save the beloved clock that was once part of the building.

In order to get the money to make it happen, they needed something big.

“Something like an all-class to call everybody back,” said Matt Parks, chairman of the all-class reunion.

Parks walked us through the history of the all-class and helped us go back in time while showing us around the alumni building, which is part of the clock tower.

The original alumni group went through pages of yearbooks to call people back that first year.

“Finding previous alumni, reaching out to them and starting this event,” Parks said.

Parks’ dad Mike was among that first group that launched the campaign to start the all-call and fund the clock tower.

“They started visiting different areas to get ideas for the event,” Parks said. “They took different aspects that worked and then every six years we added more and more.”

The first all-class reunion was held on the 4th of July in 1987 with a groundbreaking for the new clock tower and alumni building.

Now, the building serves as a time capsule, preserving the long legacy of each graduating class.

Yearbooks, class rings, band and choir memorabilia — this reunion means so much to so many.

“It’s a huge event. There’s generally about 10,000 people. If you think about the most formative years of your life, the first 17-18 years, it’s with the exact same people. So it’s not about just coming back and seeing just your class, it’s everybody,” Parks said. “Those stories and that camaraderie, it’s just amazing.”